Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Far Side, a popular one panel syndicate comic, explores humorous situations, which poke fun at real world issues. Much like Hogarth's print, "The Bad Taste of the Town," these images are examples of "powerful forms of visual advertisement." These quirky comics can be found on daily tear off calendars, or newspaper columns, publicizing and mocking human behaviors. The Far Side provides inexpensive, yet powerful imagery, in a manner that is easily accessible to a majority of the population.

This caricature illustrates reasoning behind God's "creation" of the Earth. It suggests that he threw together some ingredients to slowly cook over a matter of seven days. This liberal depiction pokes fun at conservative views, by questioning the taste of God's creation. It also questions such decisions that God has made upon creating this world full of unsavory flavors. I question why such a higher being, with absolute power, would create such a hellhole if he were completely capable of designing such an intricate world. And on the seventh day, God said, "Let there be jerks," and so there were jerks, and it was bad.

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