Saturday, February 27, 2010

Misleading labels

In 2007 there was a scandal that broke out relating to the use of fur on coats. It wasn't that there was fur on the coats it was that it was mislabeled. It sold to consumers as fake fur and animal friendly, however when it was tested the majority of the fur was Raccoon Dog fur.

In the reading this event relates to it by comparing the Paris 1838 cat switching incident. More specifically the social hierarchy mentioned on page 9. How the higher social classes thought they were better for eating rabbit. At the same time the lower classes would happily eat what was served. Those buying the coats thought they looked more sophisticated, but would never buy real fur. However those who could afford less would wear it, because it was cheap and stylish. Like caricature this event in 2007 criticized society and created questions about how things like this are handled.

I do not think that using fur on clothing is appropriate or acceptable, I do not think that this event will be the last of its kind. Mislabeling and confusion leads to hurt and social upheaval.

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  1. Great comparison to the reading! I never heard of this scandal, but it is certaingly appropriate for the reading!