Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hermann Mejia

This Venezuelan cartoonist/ illustrator works for MAD magazine creating caricatures and scences from famous movies putting a satirical twist on them, characteristic of the magazines fashion.

This depiction of George Lucas shows a more self depracating image of himself. As he reaps the benifts of his box office production- STAR WARS.

As in the reading, "royalty" has been besmirched time and time again, by rumors that hurt their reign. The constant scrutany is what comes along with such high positions. George Lucas here is no "king" but his movies have come into great aclaim. Shown here is the endless merchandising that comes along with his infamous movies and their debuts. But how are we to judge when he is simply a victim of the times, like Louis Philippe, and Louis XV were rumored to have committed such murderous crimes or acts of animal cruelty.

And since we have been discussing the many slides which have included the consumption of food, this shows the same!

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  1. haha your right. One wonders why anyone strives for fame these days. There is definitely a price to pay. We build up and idolize celebrities and then seem shocked when we find out that they are in the end humans and not gods. There is some truth to the statement, " you can only fall as high as you rise" (or something like that anyway). We watch famous peoples lives under a microscope just waiting for them to make a mistake. Who on earth would want their privacy totally obliterated. We have such high standards too. If we're not criticizing and actress for being too fat we're criticizing her for being anorexic. No wonder actresses are so insecure!