Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thats not Supposed to be there?!

This is an image that you have probably seen during and through out your internet escapades. It's classic irony. There is a no birds sign, but right atop of it sits a bird. While some may not get a kick out of this sort of humor I for one appreciate its cleaver usage of opportunity. Many times irony is, at least in my mind unplanned. It is the slapstick of life. What makes this photo even funnier is that perhaps there are birds all over this "birdless zone" thus magnifying the uselessness of that sign and what ever other last ditch efforts were put into keeping this place a bird free place. 
I find a slight bit of irony in Thomas' Rowlandsons engravings and many engravings compared to comics today. It seems that such comic relief should have a sense of weightlessness to its drawing, not being so bogged down with academic reference. However, these former engravings still held the essence of find drafting. Many of these etchings are so detailed that they appear more serious and factual at times. The devotion of the artist to these images almost supports the sincerity of the ideas behind the drawings. This is only from a visual standpoint.

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