Saturday, March 17, 2012


Alice in Wonderland is your classic children's film, it was based on a young girl having adventure within one of her dreams. This is a cartoon of one of the scenes in the film, though the characters are being portrayed through political candidates. the quality of the drawing is not really like any seen in the movie this particular image is very sketchy and uses lots of line. The other interesting aspect of it that Alice is sitting there stating that this is the worst tea party she has ever attended which makes for a twist on the original film. This use of taking children book characters and replacing their heads with political candidates is seen through out the world. It is an easy way to mock or make fun of them without being to insulting. Also in a way that people will understand what is going on. You see one character portrayed as mad hatter, another as the rabbit and mouse, each representing different political parties. As we discussed in class how some cartoonist take a human face and exaggerate facial features into some kind of animal. Here you see some of that except they keep the human features and add in the animal features, ie, bunny ears and mouse ears.

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  1. Alice and Wonderland not only has a presence in the comic strip scene, but also in what the last article discussed about a presence in new technologies- video. Alice and Wonderland is a good example of what an animal-like symbolism that Burns discussed her article. Instead of basing animals though to depict a politically driven argument, she resorts to this fantasy like characters instead- I wonder if these have the same implications as animals, since the possibilities can be quiet endless?