Monday, March 19, 2012

Clinton and Obama Boxers

This week I decided to go back to political cartoons located in news and political cartoon sites. This particular cartoon shows Bill Clinton and Barack Obama smoking with their pants at their ankles. Each sporting different patterned boxers relating to big political events/crisis' that occured during their term. Daryl Cagle from used this political cartoon to express the problems each president had to endure when they were in office. In the cartoon, the artists have placed heart shaped boxers on Bill Clinton. Reliving the lawsuits and court cases that Clinton endured when he committed acts of adultery during his term. His sad expression and particular stance shows a specific expression of shame.
Obama on the other hand is sporting boxers with gas tank symbols on them. From this I took, Daryl picking the sky rocketing gas prices as one of the worst economical crisis' we have lived through in, Obama's term as president. It has become very difficult to keep funds at a state of equilibrium when filling up are cars costs more and more each day.
It is very interesting however, that they wear business attire on the top and boxers showing there flaws. It kind of gives off that sense of hiding your flaws since boxers aren't often being seen by all. However, they are very obnoxious boxers and having so many responsibilities it is hard to hide.

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