Monday, March 5, 2012

In the most recent issue of Mad magazine, Sam Viviano and his team of talented illustrators highlighted the 20 dumbest people, events and things of 2011. One of the spreads in the magazine portrays a clan of zombies escaping from the white house, led by Barack Obama. The artistic team at Mad used a combination of gloomy colors and dismembered bodies to depict the mess that we are currently facing in the United States. The caption on the bottom of the cartoon says, "The Walking Debt. They want Braaaaains."
Sam Viviano and his team created these illustrations in the hopes of showing Obama leading his political cabinet on a quest for brains. From this, I conclude that Mad magazine was hoping to show how the government is hungry for brains in the hopes of solving all of the drastic events that we are currently facing.
In searching for a post, I came across many satirical images portraying political figures. Many of these satirical images came from the creators of DC Comics and Mad magazine. In my research I have learned that Mad Magazine is not biased to any political party. They make fun of all. I found this very interesting and I plan to use and research Mad magazines political cartoons created during Barack Obama's term as president for my upcoming research paper. It is interesting how Mad's political satire is so comical but, is also spot on with the current issues.

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  1. i truly enjoy the redone drawings of anybody as a zombie. the structure of the face always looks decrepit and grotesque. also the walking dead reference is a positive