Sunday, March 25, 2012

In my search for a good political cartoon, I came across this St. Patrick's day inspired cartoon from the Augusta Chronicle. Rick Mckee designed this particular cartoon to express the hardships and struggle people of the united states have endured with the current worsening recessions. The leprechaun in the cartoon is bringing his secret pot of gold to a cash for gold store, in hopes that it will bring him back into a state of financial well being. It is interesting how, they depict the workers of the store in the window being shocked at what they see. You would think that with all of the hardships we face in the 21st century, business owners, especially cash for gold employees would have seen it all.
I thought it was very clever that Mckee utilized the upcoming holidays of the time to represent the struggles we face weekly. Using such a well known topic makes the reference relatable to the people who are viewing it.

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