Friday, March 23, 2012

Tom and Jerry

This week I decided to pick a cartoon that was comical and that was highly known to the public. I find this to be a very common cartoon that most of the public has seen at least once in a life time. It is something that at least kids in the 90s are all familiar with. I find this particular cartoon interesting because it does not have individual voices. I enjoy the fact that this cartoon relies on the soundtracks, it makes it unique from other cartoons on tv. Its use of animation and use of expression within each of the characters is unique in the sense they play along with the cat and mouse toying with another. You could relate this to say a typical sibling behavior or something political. It is a comical cartoon that has the cat wrapped up by the finger, because he is determined to get the mouse. Tom seems to want Jerry so badly, it is almost how humans have a huge demand for say gas? or food? or materialistic objects. This is a cartoon that is very funny and entertaining because you see the cat getting into trouble and it comes off as entertaining to the viewer.

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  1. Initially the public actually despised Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse. They created so much violence and chaos for the time and was putt off production for several years until finally being aired to become one of our favorite cat and mouse animations there are.