Monday, March 26, 2012

The Stolen Scream

I've been thinking about using this photo ever since we read about  The Yellow Kid, and how a comic's meaning can change depending on the reader's background.  This self-portrait was taken by Noam Galai in 2006.  It has been used without his permission all over the world (hence the name).  He meant it nothing more than just a photo of him screaming, but he soon found out that people all over the world were using it for different reasons.  Some were using it in their art and and making a profit from it:
It's more famous use, however, is when his face is used as a sign of revolution and change:

National Geographic used his photo in one of their magazines (the only time he got paid for the photo) with the title "Power to the People?"  In countries such as Iran, his face has become a symbol of just that.  His face is graffitied every where and is used as a symbol against the government.  This is image is a perfect example of how an image, comic, cartoon, etc. can have so many different uses and interpretations.

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