Thursday, March 29, 2012

One fat cat

This drawing stood out to me this week because it I find myself always yelling at my cat to get off the counter when I'm cooking or making food. So this relates to the many people who also have cats and have this problem which makes this annoying habit comical. Along with that you also get the sense of how cats have this attitude to not listen to their owners and do what they feel like. What also comes to play within this image is the typical woman telling a people what to do. For example " get off the couch" is replaces with "Get off the counter" you hear these kinds of things with couples and this playing on the relationship of man and woman. This comic also replaces the typical man and woman with the use of animals. How the use of gossip and talking about people behind their backs seem to be what people do these days. Which unfortunately is problem with todays society. It is almost that people don't have anything better to say than to talk about others, which in my opinion is sad to see. This image relates to what we have been discussing in class about how animals can be seen to replace humans for a comical twist on situations. In the essay we had to read last week it goes along with how the artist used animals to discuss the issue. Which is what you see here the emotion of the humans portrayed within the cat. You also begin to pick up on human traits such as the cup of fish and talking on the phone. You could also bring into play with the sense that the cat is also lazy and overweight two other attributes of todays society. So this goes hand in hand with what the artists in the readings were playing off of when using animals within their own works.

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