Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh..its just water weight..

This image made me laugh, I find this funny because this is not the first time you see people blaming their obesity on other things. This seems to be your typical patient and doctor it is making fun of what now is the average person. These days obesity is so common many outside countries mock American's for this issue. Americans live on the go and don't look into what they are eating or what is really a healthy choice. With this comes a price tag, and that being health problems down the road and obesity. The other point I feel this image is portraying is that doctors expression looks annoyed with the patient. With this annoyance I feel that these days doctors only push pills on their patients and don't really fix the problems the way they use to. Back in the days where pills and such were not around doctors would suggest to lay down or take an easy.. but these days they throw a pill on you and you go on your marry way and continue your typical busy schedule. This also goes hand in hand with the way humans as a society run, we don't sit down to take an easy we go go go, with fast food, work, and ect. Most people don't think about putting in daily exercise into their schedules because they are so worn out they have no energy to. As far as the cartoon goes, there are lots of ways to look at this image as there are many points you could run with. Looking at the details of the image it seems more along the lines of newspaper clipping that would spark laughter from the viewers. It is one of those catchy funny/ could be serious cartoons made to draw peoples attention. As for comparison to discussions we have had it really does relate to many of the cartoons we have looked at in class. It strikes up a attention grabber. It makes the viewer question what is going on within and it has a sense of humor to add to the image using a catchy saying.

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