Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don't make me angry-Derek Georgia

I found this sketch searching the internet the other day and it caught my eye. As a comic fan i like to see fan art by great sketch artists. The detail in shading and the style of an illustrators work always captivates me. I do have to say its nice to throw a little realistic drawing into the side note of caracitures. Generally we reference to political cartoons or the comic strips in the dialy newspaper. For people who grew up with comic books its nice to stray away from the peanuts and Obama press to see well done sketches of a skilled artist. The intense moment when our favorite hero screams "Hulk smash!" then throws the enemy onto the next planet over. I enjoy the face the artist gave the Hulk, he looks ready to tear a head or two off. The intimidating face gives so much more personality to the Hulk's attributes. Its a gorgeous thing to see, to be able to see every defined muscle and see inside the mind of the hero or person depicted. I want to see what others think of the basis of comic books compared to modern caricatures so please leave a comment telling me your opinions on the matter.


  1. The Incredible Hulk was obviously inspired by Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde , which all together was a play on mad scientists and split personality. What is interesting to look at is the illustrations on the covers of the book itself they to have a great quality to them. To answer your question though the modern caricatures I agree are mostly found in political comics however one can find caricatures in cartoons for example and in many other forms of media. Everything comes from somewhere and the way they use it can be a form of caricature.

  2. true true the best thing is caricature can fit in so many different ways its definitely a positive to express a form of caricature through a comic and media, etc

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