Monday, March 19, 2012


This comic strip is pretty simple; it's mostly dialogue.  It's also drawn very simply.  There is just a man and a bear, no environment, no shading, nothing.  Also, the first two frames in the strip are repeated in the last two frames.  I think this works, because it lets the viewer just focus on what is being said.  The man is talking to a small bear about how he misses college and wants to be in the environment again, except this time he wants to get paid.  When the bear points out that he could teach, the man says that he has no useful skills to teach students, is hardly employable, and is a "weirdo".  To which the bear responds, "".  
I found this really funny when I first read it.  I think a lot of art students can relate to this comic strip, because I'm sure at one point or another, somebody criticized them for going into art.  This cartoon is making fun of art by calling artists "...a barely employable, constantly broke weirdo with no useful skills who all his friends secretly think is a joke".  I've had friends jokingly (most of the time) tell me that I'll be poor, or that I'll not be doing anything useful, or something about how going into art was a stupid choice.
I'm going to graduate soon, which is another reason why I can relate to this.  The man is already out of college, but he says he misses it and still doesn't know what he wants to do with his life.  While I'm not out of here yet, I'm already stressing about what I want to do (as I'm sure many people are).  As I read this over and over again, I think that many more people, not just art students, can relate to this strip, because even some graduates who are working and making a living are not completely sure what they want to do and feel like they aren't ready yet.  This strip does a nice job of making fun art and the struggles of a college student/graduate.

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