Sunday, March 4, 2012

american youth and politics

Even though I don't know much about politics ,Im excited to hear that Mr. Fish is coming to talk to us. I feel as though we, the american youth do not know as much as much about our own politics when compared to the youth overseas. I have visited mr Fish's website and I have to admit I don't really understand , but I want to. I want to because caricatures today for the most part, are often used to portray what's happening today in politics. I find it artful to use something that is thought to be cute and cuddly for issues as heavy as politics. Maybe as the youth we are desensitized to war for example. Why is call of duty the biggest selling video game ever? Or is it a form of advertising , pretty clever. I feel as though most of us don't want to know, about politics and what's going on. I will be taking notes when Mr. Fish gets here though. What do you guy think do we know much about politics and should we as american youth?

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