Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Everything comes from something"

When I first entered this class I expected for there not to be such a history to caricatures. I believed it all started with cartoons for there to be a science for how these caricatures are made was astonishing. In my opinion back then was where caricatures seemed to be much more fine tuned. I would eve go as far to say they seemed more fine art like. Due to the material and the way the art was seen made the caricatures hold as significant amount of weight.
I feel as though caricatures can also be done through different means not only as drawing. Parody for example is one of the words we were introduced to as forms of caricature. With that said artists could develop characters within live comedy television,music etc. One of the great cartooning minds of our time, Seth Mcfarlene has developed characters from all over, teachers in his college, political figures and much more. I think of these as parodies of there real life counterparts. Stewie's voice for example was a play on Rex Harrington's voice.

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  1. I can definitely agree that as time goes on, history of caricatures becomes less known and it becomes about entertainment of the cartoon of the time. As caricature and cartooning becomes more commonplace, I think it's very easy for shows like Family Guy who are simply 'parodies' of characters the creator knew from his everyday life, to become a phenomenon.