Saturday, February 25, 2012

Action Comics-Derek Georgia

This week i decided to look up a few old superman comics since for my paper I wrote about the comic "The Death of Superman". I was looking through the list of Action comics and just so happen this one caught my eye. There are two other issues that involve the Nazi party. The presence of superman signifies our participation in the effort against Hitler. The war effort is often related to superheroes in their comics. I mean there are even comics that are born from war such as Captain America. Any serious world event is usually relayed back into video games media images such as cartoons and literature as well as comic books. I think the best part of this is how Superman in every comic is always doing something heroic. The classic scene on the front page of Action comic additions with Superman show him lifting something of great mass. The classic pose any hero should take. I mean back in the day you could get these action packed comics for only ten cents while now they are about $3.00 just for one.

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