Monday, February 13, 2012

Obama Season

I found this image that was said to be drawn by a middle school kid for a history assignment. Whats so impressive about this picture is the likeness and exaggeration of obama's face is quite burlesque. The use of familiar cartoon characters helps convay the joke about hunting Obama, especially being Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck which are usually the characters being hunted. Although I have a feeling most of this image was traced seeing that Obama and Mitt Romney are so well caricaturized and familiar looking. It amazes me that a middle schooler put this together.
Romney being the republican candidate is laughing next to the sign and oddly enough the look on Obama's face seems to be looking at him with a look of confused fear. The other two grotesque characters face's are evil and looking for their prey. Parents of the middle school children were concerned and distured by the image saying it was violent and hateful, I have a feeling that this kid is a politcal cartoonist in the making.

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