Monday, February 20, 2012

Exxon/Mobile Man

This grotesque image combines an inanimate object with people traits to make this corprate caricature. Here the exxon/mobil man is being sworn in by the judge in front of a jury to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, probably about how they will TRY not to keep rasing gas prices. It looks as if they are in front of the white house because of the colums and long exterior. However for some reason I think its another building because of the hanging flags and that area where the colums are higher and more seperated then the others.

The commentary is enough to cue you in on whats may be going on at the trial. Its also a comment to how big corporations becoming a person is potentially a threatening situation. By the way the exxon/mobile man is holding up his had he has a pointed finger when generally you have an open palm. The exxon/mobil man looks as if he is speaking and making a point over the judge.

Also the colors in this cartoon are red, white, blue, and black which makes me think the exxon/mobile man is all for America when hes probably politely saying hes raising gas prices for the good of everyone.

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