Sunday, February 26, 2012

On February 24, 2012, Dave Granlund posted a cartoon to This colored political cartoon puts a satirical play on the rise in gas prices over the last decade. In the cartoon Fuel prices is portayed by a giant dinosaur with an angry expression and a pointy tail. Stuck on his tail is a husband and wife stuck in their car as the dinosaur shakes his tail. The caption says,"Spiked right through the roof." Which, is representing the sky rocketing gas prices as well as what the dinosaurs tail has done to this person's car.
In this weeks reading by Diana Donald, they begin to talk about how the purpose of caricature is to represent protest. These often times, gestural drawing are meant to represent ones disagreement with our current governmental and environmental issues. She even begins to talk about Hogarth and his contributions to this theory. She states, "Hogarth's subjects demonstrated the dramatic narratives through constructed composition, gesture and facial expressions." Hogarth was able to educate his viewers through his detailed engravings produced during the late 1700's and early 1800's
In a way, I feel that caricaturist and cartoonists of the 21st century, find effective ways of producing these cartoons each and everyday. There is always a political issue one person is going to disagree with and like this dinosaur, gas prices have become an economical monster. maybe not Physically but, for many mentally and emotionally.

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