Thursday, February 2, 2012

Irony- Jacqueline Jacob Week 2

As I was searching for a cartoon to submit for next weeks discussion I stumbled upon this very ironic cartoon. Not only does this comic scream irony, it’s a true fact. People today are all about “being your self” yet really they still revolve around the same materialistic image. You see people who say, “I’m an individual” yes, maybe physically but not mentally. I find myself sometimes falling into this similar category. Why? Because as humans we follow trends, we want to be successful, and in order to do that we find that things or top trends will make us happy or look cool. Within this image is the “non-conformist” air bubble coming from the group of people who all are wearing the “be yourself” tee shirt. When viewing this image I begin to see more than just the group trying to persuade others to be more “individual” but I begin to see our media and government saying the same thing. Both parties say they are “individual” but when it comes down to the basics it all matters on who is following who. As ironic this is to see the fellow without a shirt and being told he’s a non-conformist he really is the only one upholding what is written on the groups shirts, “ be yourself.” You see a huge group of people all for the same thing yet its all for the wrong reasons. Being yourself is what makes people unique and original. Last week in class someone was mentioning how humans really are the only mammals that has disguising physical attributes. For example someone mentioned the zebra and how they may slightly vary in their stripes but they still resemble the same pattern. Which makes a perfect example to this comic the “be yourself” crew all look like the zebra but the guy standing alone is sticks out like a sore thumb. Within the reading for this week I was eager to begin to understand the comic and the narrative, they mention how it is moral and topical based. Seeing as this particular comic is about being your self I feel that it is a good example of being a moral type comic. Your morals are what make up you as a person. As the guy seems to have morals and not act upon and joining the group even though he was being told he was a “non-conformist.” This was an inspiring and interesting comic that I enjoyed stumbling upon.

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