Sunday, February 5, 2012

Distinct characteristics

Last class we discussed in cartoons how usually the bad characters have distinct characteristics which make them look bad and or evil. We also tried to make caricatures of people , change them however keep them true to their counterparts. In cartoons usually they give the antagonist really darkly colored eyebrows also slight facial hair. Most of the time their grins usually are large and show lots of detail on the teeth. What interest me is the relation between the caricatures of people and the typical nature of characteristics in cartoons. How can I draw one of my friends as an evil character? How can one tell that the inspiration from the drawing is directly drawn from this specific person? What I also find interesting is the relationship between more round shapes versus the more angled shapes. Why is it that people are usually drawn to the more rounded characters? What do you guys think post a response explaining why you think, people are drawn to more rounded characters than that of more angled ones. The picture attached to this post is a two year old drawing of one of my friends and I want your opinion of what type of character the drawing gives off.


  1. it does look like chip but yet it has a slightly elongated face which is to an extent a caricature . n id have to say people are more attracted to the rounded edges on a face because if u use angled lines it seems far too jagged and dark almost even though personally when i draw i tend to use the more angled aproach.