Friday, February 10, 2012

Controversy-Derek Georgia

I had found this wandering the internet the other day. I couldn't help but to laugh at this old comic strip. The text easily makes the article. I posted this mainly from w hat we were doing in class last week, it simply seems like somebody had just thrown in some crazy text according to their perspective on empty word bubbles. The part that intrigues me is that the comic strip kept an old style look yet that could have easily been edited by Photoshop or various other programs. The main theme to this article caught my attention by using the words "devil" and "kick-ass". A lot of old strips would not have said anything of the sort so its taking an old image and throwing in a modernistic twist. Especially the part about the devil, back in the day nobody would say that due to religion etc these days nobody really cares what has been said. This could also be playing off a young child's imagination etc. The only offensive comment they would have made then would have generally been about race or disliked authenticity.