Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Male and Female Handshake

Brett and Kate McKay  August 22, 2011  A Manly Handshake: An Illustrated Guide
Ted Slampyak

The female handshake resembles the male in many regards.  However it lacks the moustache.  That’s the best way to tell. 
This image is from a website that I follow called The Art of Manliness (  I strongly recommend giving it a check-see sometime.  In the image a diagram is given demonstrating how to give a proper, masculine handshake.
 Moustaches. Gun. Cowboy hats. Vest. Holster. 
The imagery used is meant to convey a traditional, conservative Americana of masculinity. It’s safe to assume the intended audience is men, yet that the advice provided can be universally applied.  I’m edgy enough to suggest more smiles and eye contact might be the right course of action for everyone. 
The intended message from this diagram is probably not humor, yet I do believe that some fun can be poked at anything; it’s endearing.  I’m attracted to the website The Art of Manliness in the same way certain women read Vogue.  There’s a purported idol that is created through the images it gives.  The cowboy is a pop icon.  If a cowboy has a good handshake, I should do that too.          

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