Sunday, February 5, 2012

The new movement-Derek Georgia

The current movement in art revolves around street art. A movement that rushed into the larger cities around the world to use spray cans or paint markers to make a building into a form of artwork. Some artists are now starting to move street art into the gallery settings. This piece was found on an image hosting site searching street art. It was an interesting piece, taking our classic cartoon king Mickey mouse into a wild graffiti artist with a new face to back it up with. The piece gives the cartoon character a fierce attitude and brings an almost intensity to it with the redone face. In my opinion it gives a lot of beauty to the piece. The real meaning is not truly portrait by the artist. The face may be his own and signifies dominance in the graffiti world. It may be a caricature he made up of himself. Maybe the face is the face of another cartoon character. In my opinion it looks like another originally old cartoon character Astroboy. The possibilities vary from the real meaning but the piece shows quite a lot of beauty due to the content of this peace. The era in art also boasts the imagery because of the use of street art within the image. In 30 years another type of art will grow more well known and popular and send graffiti artists to shame.

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