Sunday, February 5, 2012


This is a satirical comic about America's obsession with documenting their every thought, desire, and action on websites such as Facebook and Twitter.  He is typing on his phone instead of driving, posting his complaints about how the oil drilling platforms ruins the scenic view.  This scene is all too familiar to me.  I often see drivers stalling at a traffic light when it is green, because they are playing with their phones.  People have become too preoccupied with their electronics.  They tend to put more important things (such as paying attention and driving) on the back burner.  It's to the point that they feel the need to update their status immediately instead of waiting for a more opportune moment.
The message this comic conveys is more than just people's obsession with updating their status.  Technology has taken over people's lives.  I know kids who prefer to be on their laptops instead of going outside and physically interacting with actual humans.


  1. I can agree with this completely, updating statuses on facebook or twitter, e-mailing instead of meeting your professor's in person for help, texting instead of interacting in person is a way of life now. What has changed in the past few years that now makes this socially acceptable? Nobody used to do it when we had old flip phones, or MySpace, it's the ideas of Facebook, Smart Phones and Twitter that makes this lifestyle possible. What's the future going to look like, nobody talking at all anymore? Everyone working on computers? Accidents galore?

  2. I think people themselves will start to wither away and transform into the technology itself. We will become the device we use, we will become robots if we havent already.

  3. As much as technology has improved and made life easier... it also has degraded us as a country.. not many people write letters, or cards any more.. we think things being quick easy and fast are great which they are, but we lose the ability to communicate person to person. I agree with everything everyone has said about this post. I'm worried once we get so far in technology that no one will know how to do any of the things by hand anymore.. we use spell check on how to correct grammar, we use the internet for research.. we won't know how to function if this technology ever disappears or crashes..