Sunday, February 19, 2012

The reason for a Hero

Last week we spoke about how very real and serious world events are the inspiration for characters. I never realized what this meant and how it was done. I questioned what could the public feel if there were some comic book character made after such a certain situation? After some research I learned that lots of heroes and characters were made for the same reason political comics were. Changing minds or empowerment seemed to be the reoccurring subject of the creation of these heroes. Names such as Black Panther , Captain America, Wonderwoman and much more are an example of these. Captain America though pretty obvious stood as a symbol for the fight against the axis powers so did Wonderwoman. Soon these characters became symbols themselves. Wonderwoman still stands today as a feminist symbol. This is how something impossible or unreal can be a response for something so current and serious. It seems today its a bit harder for some new ideas for heroes to stand out and act as something to empower again. Nowadays do we need more heroes?

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  1. I think heroism is an interesting concept for exploration. I can't help but to agree with you about the ubiquity of the classic "hero," they seem to range from a guy helping an elderly woman cross the street to batman. Along with transgressing classes and "reality," it has, and will continue to be an essential part of society. -- We need the hero.
    And like the article that we read about comics in literature and the appearance in education, it has proved that we can learn much more from these stereotypes. Perhaps it is the morality? or simply the "idea" of the hero... I don't think heros are going extinct anytime soon.