Thursday, February 23, 2012

A face within a face

This week I really wanted to focus on realistic drawings. Green Makes up these portraits of people that make up a figure. As you look closely at the image you begin to see smaller faces and expressions of others within the piece. I found this really fascinating, because it is almost like the artist incorporated every emotion within one face. You see these exaggerated facial features through out the piece, the proportions of the actual faces are fairly stretched and manipulated. Each of the faces within the main face seem to have this playful use of line. Within this piece you get a great idea of line quality and with that you get these amazing shadows and textures within the face. These drawings remind me of the way Hogarth articulated his prints, with deep lines and expression. Though the style is very different the quality of line and texture within is very similar. You also begin to relate how Hogarth plays with expression and adds this twist to the piece sort of like Green, he takes realistic faces but twists them into something more than meets the eye. I enjoy the fact that these smaller images do not take away from the main image, in fact it adds a really nice feature to the piece as a whole. It begins to create a sense of meaning and gives the work a uniqueness about it. I also enjoy that some of the faces are different sizes so it gives the work a diverse scale and different kind of range within. Comparing this to one of the readings I would have to say this work is unlike anything we have really discussed except for the readings that define what a caricature is.

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