Sunday, February 26, 2012

In this cartoon Rick Mckee from the Augusta Chronicle, has compared an event many look forward to; the Oscars, with one we suffer through everyday; the economy. In this cartoon Mckee displays an announcer giving an Oscar away for, "The Picture hardly anybody's seen because tickets are ten bucks, popcorn and a drink are fifteen, and there's usually some jerk talking through the entire movie." By utilizing this annual event to harp on the problems with our economy, Mckee has found an effective way to express his true feelings on the current economical state, while still being clever and getting his point across.
Like my other post, this one could be related to Mcdonalds reading called,"The Age of Character" Though the styles may have changed, our political cartoons of the time still hold the same importance of the eyes of many American's. After all the first step to trying to improve these hardships is showing people how bad they are.


  1. I like this cartoon a lot. I think it not only speaks of our financial situation, but about caricatures as well. Idealistically I would like to agree that political cartoons still hold the same power as one's created during Hogarth's time. I think in our times, they don't. With the use of the internet, and the exchange of images daily, I think the power of these cartoons reside with not the actual cartoon itself, but with the mass of cartoons, a subsuming categorization of a multitude of cartoons and comics being produced.

  2. This is a funny cartoon. I think it's also making fun of the act of going to the movies and the oscars as a whole, because the price of tickets have become outrageous, and like you said the economy isn't good so it makes it harder to afford them. But also, it's not always worth it, because you have to deal with the people around you. Most of the time they will be quiet, but there's always that one guy who can't keep his mouth shut.