Monday, February 6, 2012

Party Boat!

This cartoon is an advertisment for the re-election for Obama! From the recognizeable image of the Titanic, a classic film, I expect Obama's cruise to be luxrious and a fun filled trip for the whole family........ My favorite part of this cartoon is Obama leaving all the dead bodies behind as he happily reaches dry land with his extreemly happy floaty device, as if just coming from the most wonderful vacation.

The components of this cartoon that work well and are most recognizable are Obama's huge ears, nose and long skinny head. It looks as if his skull is so small, that he might not have room for a real brain in there. Also the Titanic as a symbol of the country is an interesting choice because we all know it from the movie but in terms of history and relating it politically, the ship coming from Britian to America but never making it, seperates the connection to Obama for me. However without the orange band of color on the smoke stack it would just be some boat.

The text in this piece is said like and advertisement, and with everthing else going on in the background I'm not all that tempted to hop on that party boat.

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