Saturday, February 4, 2012

Class Envy

The rise of poor/homeless, though it has grown to be a problem world wide, has increased greatly in the united states over the past several years. In the political cartoon above, Pat Bagley of the salt lake tribune satirically plays on the contradicting lives of both the homeless and the well off.
In this image, what we believe to be a business man has sat down and begun to converse with the homeless man next to him. the caption under the cartoon reads, ".... No minders scheduling your every waking minute.... free to come and go as you please. Yes, friend, I can tell-You're living the dream." It is funny that in this particular cartoon the artist in implying that the working class man is upset with his current life situation. Not being able to take any time for himself, while he is bettering him and his future loved ones lives. Not once does he notice the bad that goes on around him. The fact that the homeless man is sleeping outside using an old newspaper to cover himself with. Probably cold and mal-nourished.
This cartoon is only one example of how wrapped up current day America is in their own worlds. Not even noticing all of the problems others around them live through each day . Instead of seeing how well they have it, they would rather complain about how they work themselves so hard, whether to buy an i-phone or a blackberry and the fact that they weren't able to take some vacation time. Mean while, In new york alone, people are sleeping on the streets picking up change and eating out of the garbage just to keep themselves alive.

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