Sunday, February 5, 2012

I've chosen this cartoon because last class we focused on how a lot of artists use facial features and enhance them to look like features of certain animals. This one labeled "Party Animal" is a play on that idea. The part that makes this cartoon so funny is that a donkey really is skinny like Barack Obama, and an elephant is bigger, like John McCain, and of course because of the Democratic/Republican symbols.
It's interesting to look at the expressions that each politician is doing. McCain looks angered and upset about something, Obama looks very cool and calm. Do these have anything to do with their size/weight and is it a play on weight? Or was it done without intention? Both politicians have their hands raised at an awkward height, also making us wonder what intention was behind that artistic decision. Is Obama sitting and McCain standing for a certain reason? There are so many aesthetic choices to think about, it's hard to know the meaning behind them without knowing the artist's intentions.

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