Monday, April 5, 2010

Alfred, New York

For my final project in this class, creating a caricature, I thought a lot about what I was interested in and what would also make a good caricature. I found that I am interested in relevance and audience being able to relate to the work, as well as commenting on culture and life of one’s surroundings. Thus, I have decided to draw a caricature of Alfred.

For a small town, Alfred is very unusual, being that there are two colleges that share a very small area. Whether the art students are dumpster diving or the frat guys are playing an invented drinking game in their front lawn, there are many diverse students to make life interesting. Besides the strange student culture, Alfred has a day devoted just to celebrating the hot dog. I could go on and on about all the weird and fascinating elements that make up Alfred.

I hope that by making a caricature of Alfred, I will be making work that everyone will be able to relate to and share a laugh at some of the things that make Alfred and its full experience, what it is.


  1. This sounds really interesting christie- i think that alfred is a paculiar place and i have never seen alfred be characterized. usually its bigger cities like new york, chicago, etc. this will be a very interesting subject matter, have you already thought about the medium you want to use?

  2. thanks Luz, I was unsure about my idea, until I was thinking about alfred and it hit me! Anyways, as you heard in class, I want to draw it in pencil, out line it with sharpie or ink to give it a more "cartoon-ish" feel. Then from there I haven't fully decided if I want the drawing to just be a line drawing or shaded black & white, or even color.