Sunday, April 4, 2010

Murals and their palces

Since Luz and I are currently in the process of painting a mural for our final project the problem of space has come up. We were going to paint it on the graffiti wall, however that fell through; now we are trying to find another location. We spent Wednesday afternoon looking at other locations and may even choose to alter the shape and look of the original sketch. This has led us to look at other muralists work. For me in particular I was drawn to Orozco's Frescoes in the National Preparatory School Mexico City. The images used have purpose in where they are placed and fit into the odd shaped surfaces that are provided. In some ways I see this mural that Luz and I are painting presenting some of the same challenges that Orozco faced.

The image above is not Orozco's fresco from the school but his mural of An Education at Dartmouth. This had to do more with the social importance of space vs the physical space.

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