Sunday, April 25, 2010


In regards to the animation production company Pixar I find the most prominent aspect of their feature length blockbuster films is their ability to so impeccably incorporate the personal traits and aspects the celebrity who is playing a character in the film. That is to say that when a character is portrayed in a Pixar film they generally bear a striking and clear resemblance to the person voicing the character, in terms of gestures, mannerisms, personality, and even appearance (One might say a character looks like what you would expect someone with that voice to look like, a topic often relevant with the world of talk radio). For example the rat character Remy from the Pixar film Ratatouille in my opinion bears a striking resemblance to the actor playing him, Patton Oswalt. Of course Pixar is not the only animation producer to employ this technique with great effect, Dreamworks Animation for example also often achieves this (Kung Fu Panda comes to mind). Naturally achieving this type of resemblance suggests a strong and clear understanding of caricature and the types of traits which best portray the essence of a person's general character. This is what I find most impressive about some of the films produced, imagining the difficulty of creating a character bearing resemblance to a specific person while still working within the specific guidelines of that character (creating a car that looks and acts like Larry the cable guy).

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