Sunday, April 11, 2010

And this week looking at a something not a political cartoon... the muppets. Specifically a video I stumbled across earlier this week, which can be found here. Most of the muppet characters are animals, with a varying degree of human behaviors. Animalized people or humanized animals, or however they might be considered. This particular video uses ironic humor. And singing muppets. It also breaks down the viewer/subject issue somewhat towards the end. While culturally animal characters may be used as a more acceptable way of analyzing human behaviors at times... I'm not really sure of the cultural implications here. All animal!muppet characters can talk. And sing. The most commonly used human muppet characters (who do show up here) are generally in the role of spectators/critics, often either breaking the forth wall or coming close.
In comparison with the Simpsons- less based on family life/routine life style. Simpsons resemble- and presumably are- humans, though abstracted appearance may have some similar advantages as using animal characters- lightening the mood, making exploration of bizarre behaviors more acceptable.

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