Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Vote 4 Pixar…

My apologies- I lost track of time…Anyways…I am interested in Pixar. I really enjoy taking my younger cousins to see these movies, as they are so easily accessible to children of all ages. I love how they include jokes for adults as well- I never understand why a fish belching is THAT funny, and yet my cousins don’t get what was funny that made me laugh. Since Pixar is creating these characters from top to bottom, artist get to decide everything from there look, clothing, quirks, voice, everything- they can make each character become the best possible version of itself. Cartoon and animated characters are great for this reason, they are not simply playing a role that will change in the next film, and they are very easily recognizable as themselves. And who doesn’t love Pixar outtakes? Now that is seriously funny.

The New York Time’s review compared the works to Daumier and Messerschmidt’s modeling, and as I thought about it I would have to agree. The facial characteristics that Pixar utilizes is often a very clear indicator of the character’s disposition, and I feel that this exaggeration of face helps to anthropomorphize this fish/monster/car so that we can truly enjoy each of the unique qualities that where created for each character- as well as the film as a whole.

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