Sunday, April 11, 2010

Murals for the community

As previously stated Rachel and I are painting a mural based on our personal understanding of the class and "truthful misrepresentation." the above images is a mural that I worked on in an area around where I grew up in Dallas, Texas. It is suppose to represent the historical side of this neighborhood. This is an example of working within confines of the area- each panel was used to represent a window as if you are peering into the shop. The mural we are painting is a little more personal and has deeper meaning than just that of a tire shop, bigger too. In the Simpson episode that we watched in class i noticed that Homers "outsider art" was a symbol of his frustrations of never accomplishing anything. Our murals speaks of our frustrations within everyday society- and also about what makes us unique and how we fit but don't fit into the American paradigm.

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  1. This is very thoughtful and puts into words what we are trying to accomplish with our mural. If I could add I would also like to say that this point could be emphasized by the awkward space we were given to paint our mural in. The mural fits awkwardly like we fit into the culture we were raised in. Also I like the mural you did previously! Your experience from that work will greatly help with this project... I hope.