Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Hand of Death

This image created by John Heartfield reminds me not only of the obvious, the wars that affect us, especially the Iraqi War that has been so recent, but also extending the issue of "wrath" into the behavior of humans in everyday circumstances. Wrath is defined as; "an inappropriate (unrighteous) feelings of hatred and anger. Denial of the truth to others or self. Impatience or revenge outside of justice. Wishing to do evil or harm to others. Self-righteousness." This definition and this image make me thing about war, but also about the disregard some people have for others. This goes back to my last post about the seven deadly sins and just elaborates on the dysfunction of our culture and of humanity itself, but for this, I would like to focus on the Land of the Free.

I am going to reiterate what I started off talking about last time, and that is the threats stemming from the vote on the health care bill. There are tons of death threats to President Obama on Twitter not to mention the bricks being thrown through congressional office windows aimed at the democrats, the severed gas lines and the heartless comments such as "I hope you bleed... get cancer and die". These statements illustrate the part of wrath; wishing to do evil or harm to others and the impatience or revenge outside of justice. It is amazing to see how narrow minded humans can be. Especially when faced with something that didn’t go their way. The health care bill was created to give all Americans and equal opportunity at a decent well being. It was made to care for the elderly and the young and everywhere in between that needs help, and it has been greeted with hostility. The republicans claim that the democrats that voted for the bill are "baby killers", because the bill does not protect and unborn child, but gives the woman the right to choose. What is so hypocritical about this is that they don't seem to give a shit about the living. Not the people that would be protected by this bill, nor the people that they are so flippantly threatening and physically trying to harm. Isn't there any sanity in this world left? It's not just the health care bill obviously. It's the bigotry and the warring. The religions that hate people for having different beliefs than their own. It's the rich for loathing the poor for maybe having a shot at an equal chance. I could say that the poor sometimes equally hate the rich for having so much and giving so little (not to say that their aren't some very generous wealthy people), but the reason I can not bring myself to say that that is part of the problem is because there is only 1% of the population holding 99% of the wealth in America, and hardly any of them are willing to share, so any animosity that is directed towards the upper class is well deserved. I know I am generalizing in many ways, but it's just to show the whole, not the parts.
The majority of the wrath is caused by the people that are blind to the truth and don't want a compromise, don't want equality or commonality. They are self-righteous. The see themselves and no one else. They are selfish. This includes cold blooded murderers too. But aren't the people that deny what's right just because they believe that they deserve what they have just as bad? There are people starving and dieing and living in slums in complete filth and they are in need and there is not enough resources to help them because there is 1% of the population sitting on all of the wealth, watching as the world crumbles around them and they don't give a shit as long as they have what they want. That is what I call a murder and one of the most despicable forms of gluttony, pride, greed and most definitely wrath.

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