Monday, April 5, 2010

An idea I would like to explore is that of bootlegged or knockoff material as exemplified in these images. What is being attempted by the creators of such bootlegged material is an imitation of a well known figure, brand, idea to the point of relative indistinguishability, however as we see these knockoffs often fall short of this goal, to the point that some are comically displayed for their blatant inability to achieve this. However no matter how poorly imitated the idea the product is attempting to use is still quite often recognizable due in part to the brands inherent popularity no doubt but also due to its unique and distinctive nature. That is to suggest that the success and recognizability of an idea can be attributed to the originality and initial perception of the product, to be instantly recognizable, distinguishable from other products of the same genre and to be memorable all just from an initial glance is an interesting and challenging endeavor. Naturally from these two images we are instantly able to discern what exactly they are imitating/knocking off (Pokemon, Batman) also in the second example the humorous ineptitude of said imitation by a foreign nation which is not totally familiar with the idea or culture from which it originated is apparent.

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