Sunday, April 25, 2010


The reading wasn't very helpful in addressing my curiosities about Pixar. I always think about the caricatures they create and how they can make them convincing. For instance, the old man in the new movie "UP" has a square jaw that helps accentuate his grumpy face. He has a walker with tennis balls on the feet. The way he is depicted is the essence of a grumpy old man. The little boy that tags along with him is a nerdy kid that is overweight. He wants to be an adventurer. The little boy's appearance helps the viewers get the humor in his nerdyness. I think the viewer understands him as humorous because he is a little fat kid. If he was a little skinny kid, he might just be seen as annoying with no real lovable humor. Also, in the movie "A Bug's Life", the caterpillar is fat and stupid and that makes him really funny. The praying mantis is a guru type figure who is partnered up with a gypsy-like moth. The characters are really successful as caricatures because they are taking stereotypes that are funny and creating a character around this. It's har to really talk about the qualities of Pixar without having an example fresh in my mind. Maybe we should watch a movie in class. May I suggest one of the ones I have mentioned?

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