Tuesday, April 13, 2010


To what extent does surrealism distinguish itself from escapism in terms of global media and art? Being a follower of escapist culture, I have come to recognize the varying degrees to which it is employed in such cultural media as advertisement, news, business and more apparently, television, video games, art, and music. The overall saturation of which can be viewed as a gauge of sorts, measuring the implicit nature and degree in which escapist views have integrated themselves into the culture. That is to say that, considering the history of the particular culture, one can look at the media of said society and judge to what degree escapism is embraced, to what degree the anxiety of the members of that society dictates the catering of its goods and media. Japan is an probably the best example of a society employs escapism in the form of various child-like media such as cartoons, mascots, stuffed animals, key chains, etc. Hello Kitty is a well known product of such a culture.

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