Sunday, April 4, 2010

no agreements = no progression

Another issue i am interested in doing for my final project is a politically based cartoon. My main thoughts and ideas lead me to the health care reform and all the drama that is surrounding it.

This cartoon depicts the republican and the democratic party's view on the war in Iraq pre 2009 election. Their views are completely opposite. Obama wants peace in Iraq and to move troops in to Afganistan (where some would say troops are "needed") while Mccain would like more troops in Iraq, which is silly because everyone knows that Iraq had nothing to do with the September 11th attacks. There will never be an agreement of what is best to do because the veiws of the G.O.P. and the democrats are polar opposites. I believe that this is the reason Obama isnt doing as well as we thought he would because of the republicans in congress that will not agree with one thing Obama tries to do. A good example of this is the health care reform.

In this cartoon, Obama is performing surgery on a patient, the health care reform. He asks for a scalpel. Little does he know that the insurance companies, the G.O.P., the American Medical Association and the drug companies are trying to murder him while he is not paying attention. This is because the insurance and drug companies, as well as the A.M.A. will not make as much money once the health care bill passes; they are greedy and want to keep their excessive amount of money. The G.O.P. will also loose money because taxes will be raised, and they as well as the medical companies do not want to lose their corpulant amount of money to help those who are in need. I think this cartoon is very interesting because after the health care reform finally passed many members of congress who voted for it are now recieving death threats. Well known republicans such as Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are not helping the situation because they are brainwashing their veiwers to believe the healthcare reform is a horrible thing. The truth is they just dont want to lose their money.
It is hard to get anything accomplished in this country when people are too greedy to help others. It is sad.

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  1. Both caricatures are loaded with impact of messages. It's interesting how many symbols in the caricatures can be read differently by the reader. When you looked at the second cartoon, you interpreted the weapons as a death threat refering to the death threats that some democrats have recieved. When I saw the cartoon I got the same message of ill-intent but I didn't precieve that the other "surgens" wanted to murder Obama, but instead, murder the "patient" by givign Obama a mace to preform surgury with. Either way, the message is communicated, I just found it intersting that when I read it I saw something different.