Monday, April 19, 2010

Art School Scum Special - the graduate

It's that time of the year... spring fever has set in for some of us, and for those of us who will be graduating in three weeks... senioritis. It's a terrible disease which is not easily curable (however most survive), but for some of us, it will become a terminal illness. May 2010, graduation day, a day that I have been dreaming of for 16 long years. Time to be out in the real world and show them what I've got! But... not until I eat this bowl of ice cream and browse the net for a while...

Going to school for a BFA is a scary thing, at least for me. To this day, I wonder if my degree will be worthwhile or simply laughed at. With so much seemingly more important issues going on in the world, I wonder, where does art fit in? In this cartoon, the student graduates from art school. His dream is to be a big time artist, but he never seems to get around to making that dream happen. Straight out of school he takes a minimum wage job at a coffee shop and in the back of his mind he is always thinking, "I was going to be an artist." This is a very legitimate fear of mine, to be cursed with the unfulfilled dreams of being an artist. For some, this fear will be the ultimate downfall of their career. As for me, it will drive my work to insanity (which will make me famous... at least that's the idea).

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