Sunday, April 11, 2010

MAD at Obama

MAD magazine a long and rich history in caricature work. Started in the 1950s by EC comics, who are also responsible for Tales From The Crypt, and now owned By DC comics, creators of Batman and Superman. The comics feature a recurring mascot character named Alfred E. Neuman, whose origins can be traced back to 19th century character, The Yellow Kid. The magazine specializes in comical comic strips, often parodies featuring grotesque caricatures of public figures.
MAD has mocked many a president in its time, and now it's Obama's turn at bat. here MAD not only mocks the president, but also the peoples perception of him. In the first one we see an issue from the first months of the his presidency. Mocking the media concern with his first 100 days, with his first 100 minutes. The perception of all the worlds problems getting suddenly lumped on his shoulders and Obama feeling the pressure. MAD give him their signature "big head" caricature style. They also exaggerate and mock his smoking habit. On the oval office desk we can see piles of paperwork, newspapers featuring economic collapse headlines, an Obama campaign "change" mug full of coffee (suggesting sleeplessness an stress), a file with a nuclear symbol and IRAN written on it, and what is the most disturbing, gross thing on the table in my opinion, the messy, half drank bottle of Pepto-Bismol. While this cover instantly provokes a laugh, it's pretty damned dark to joke about our nation in such a crisis. Kind of reminds me of Dr. Strangelove humor.
Then we have the latest issue of MAD, with our little wise-ass friend Alfred E. Neuman. Here sporting an I heart Obama t-shirt, but he's got out his sharpie and put an "'ed" after the heart. Joking on the presidents love loss and increasing unpopularity since his election. And believe me this isn't the end of mockery our president will see at the pens of our friends over at MAD magazine.

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