Saturday, April 3, 2010


Still in a mural mind-set, Rachel and I researched Orozco, as Ezra had suggested. His murals seem to mull over political, educational and social problems, and seem to also be strongly represented as that. His perspective on certain issues is what made his love of the mural so profound. Flipping through books, I saw how he utilized space. How the figures and illustrations work within the confines of its location. Giving me an idea of how to go about this final of our.

Truthful misrepresentation of myself, and this American ideal/dream- through a mural seems like a challenge, and is a little nerve wrecking. How can I make a statement or convey my personal opinion on a matter that is so heavily based on my culture and appearance?

"the highest, the most logical, the purest and strongest form of painting is the mural... the most disinterested form, for it cannot be made a matter of private gain; cannot be hidden away for the benefit of a certain privileged few. It is for the people. It is for all." - Orozco

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