Monday, April 26, 2010

Pixar Shorts

This was one of the more difficult posts for me, as I'm not really into comic books nor do I find myself seeking out Pixar movies. YouTube pulled through with some pretty comical Pixar shorts. Although comments on the videos state that they may or may not be made by Pixar, they are witty and actually pretty great. From the Pixar movies that I have seen pieces of, I have noticed this separation of humor, some of which is directed at children, while there are jokes that are clearly meant to be understood by the adults taking their children to the movies. In this regard, Pixar seems to be a marketing genius, why not make cute animations that occasionally allude to adult content to bring in audiences of all ages. Since apparently I have the inability to properly post images on this blog, i'm not even going to try to post video clips. Basically, go to youtube and type in pixar shorts. The one that was posted by college humor is one of the better ones, but there is a mouse singing to cheese in a mousetrap that has a surprise ending, haha.

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