Monday, April 12, 2010

Which Art Student Are You?

Stereotypes, whether we like to believe it or not, we all have them. Before coming to Alfred, I always thought that the "art student" was a stereotype all in it's own, but that was a very misguided perception. Turns out, once you put the top art students from high schools all around the world, the "art student" stereotype becomes much more diluted.
This artist, Chuck Dillon, categorizes art students into these groupings: dirty student (as seen above), club student, stressed student, snob/fine art student, environmental hippy student, comic book geek student, brown noser student, loner/alien student, gamer student, student 1.0, anime student, goth/emo student, hip hop student, returning student, metal student, talkative student, average/good student, that amazing disappearing/reappearing student, mom student, winey student, legalistic/christian student and lastly the professor that is often mistaken for a student- student.
As you can see, a stereotype can be broken down into many fragments to allow for all of us to be classified under some kind of absurd stereotype. So... which art student are you?


  1. I was the brown nose student and a little bit of the Christian student. I have had the same hair style since middle school and thought the pun about how God saves socks and soles hard to resist. Also my portfolio weighted a ton in high school. I think some of these types are a bit over done says the guy to my right on the 5th floor. I agree, but also think that it is hard to hit every type and to not exaggerate. The exaggeration is what makes it funny and I think that sometimes a little offense on the viewers part ( not to be too offensive of course ) can be what causes the comic or character to be "alive"
    in that it has some guts. When a character becomes too safe and fails to prick a few nerves or opinions it can become dull. This is not to say that a comic has to be racist to be funny by no means. I thought this collection of types were great a little far off in places, but made me interested in reading them on his website to pass 5 minutes with

  2. I'm pretty sure all these demographics exsist in art school. I think the devisions stem a lot from the culture students lived in high school and is blended with the people they associate in art school. Either they stay in their fake tendencies from public or pick up new fake tendencies at college.

    ...or me who abandoned high school altogether in that case your probably okay.