Sunday, April 4, 2010

I know someone already posted this image...but...David Clowes is an impact. My comic book on attitudes and conception of art shares some ground with Clowes's Art School Confidential. Mostly the ambiguity of conceptual art and the people who make it. My comic features a painter who deficates on to a canvas...Clowes has students use ready mades for project requirements.

I can't say personally how I should feel about this subject because I do enjoy readymade sculptures. Clowes if course has a negative stance on it as a cop out style. My comic is more in my eyes neutral. It is open ended as to what the painter is doing is correct or absurd. It's similar to Clowes in that it is not a respected medium. Not respected by Art school narrator or the visitors to an exhibition.

Yet the artists are obsessed with their products and uphold their value. Clowes whole work however is just cynical and I see mine as an outsider poking fun at. It's about mythos and the unexplained workings of creation. While in Art school confidential it is ridicule bad art. I think they do compliment each other well though and I think connections would be made from readers.

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