Sunday, April 25, 2010


In the reading about Pixar, it was interesting to see the way Pixar movies were compared to the cartoons South Park and the Simpsons. It talked about the way Pixar movies were "people-pleasing popular art;" They were pleasing in the way they stuck to tradition and conventions, the typical good guy, bad guy, and comedian constructing the over all plot to the stories. These movies are successful in the way that they stick to tradition, and use the newest technological advancements in order to give life to lovable characters. These new advancements in technology, allow for a better description of the characters and their actions throughout the movie, giving them a new sense of life, and allowing for a better viewer experience. Is it the constant advancements in technology and craftsmanship that makes the newest Pixar movies just as lovable and exciting as the old ones? You would think year after year of watching these similar stories, most likely bits and pieces overlapping, we would get tired, and bored with them. But year after year, we will watch, love, and be entertained by the newest Pixar production. What makes this sense of sticking with tradition so successful?

When compared to the subversiveness of the Simpson's and South park, Pixar movies were described as an "urge toward conformity." These two cartoons are successful due to their ability to shock the audience with their depictions of an often uncomfortable reality. They present controversial stereotypes, moving away from any sense of conformity or 'aim to please.' And yet, their sense of rebellion excites society, pleasing them just as much as Pixar's sense of conformity.
It is interesting to see these two types of caricature, take such opposite means of being successful, and continuously entertaining.

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  1. i think the technical aspect of CGI is really interesting- maybe thats why as viewers we like their movies? it is crazy that we still go to watch such such similar storylines, but they exaggerate the characters enought to make them visually interesting and indearing- we laught- the movies connect with us on an emotional and visual level perhaps?